SEDS organises health camp in Madanpur Khadar

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New Delhi: In an effort to bring awareness about the significance of health, The Social and Economic Development Society (SEDS) organized a health camp in collaboration of SRL at Madanpur Khadar on Sunday. 

The health camp was held to spread the message that “People must know the importance of health check-ups as it could avert major life-threatening diseases.”

In today’s fast life, that reels under stress and anxiety, lifestyle based diseases like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cancer etc have posed a serious threat to the society. SEDS is on its toe to bring awareness about how one can lead a healthy life by simply shedding the perception that one should visit a doctor only after falling ill.


“Generally it is seen that when people realize the significance of routine health check-ups only after they end up paying a huge amount of their hard-earned income to doctors. We want to change this perception by organizing such health check-up,” says SEDS Chairman Ramakant Chaudhary, who has earned good words from all schools of thoughts for his social welfare work. 

People throng meat-fish shops and love to splurge on luxury items, but they seem to be reluctant to go for a regular health check-up, Ramakant added.

“In Madanpur Khadar, we can see well-furnished buildings, indicators of being well-off, but they fall victim of many diseases. Recently viral fevers wreaked havoc in this area and they had to face hardship in their life. Organizing such health check-up is an attempt to make people aware that health is only permanent wealth and hence one should get into the habit of going to doctors for a routine check-up,” said the SEDS Chairman.

SEDS has a committed team and huge loyal followers who take time for development of society on all facets of life, he said.

People from all walks of life participated in the health camp which was organized at B-block, Madanpur Khadar, on Sunday.  The health camp, manned by SRL experts, conducted tests for blood sugar, cholesterol, and creatinine.

SEDS appreciates and stands by the mission of making health a fundamental right, says Ramakant.

SRL Diagnostics is committed to social welfare work and it will organize more such camps in future across Delhi, said Sachin Shah, regional business manager SRL Diagnostics.   

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