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Thai 'racist' skin whitening product causes online uproar

Bangkok: A Thai commercial touting white skin as a ticket to success has come under fire on Friday from social media users.

The commercial for Snowz, a skin whitening product, was uploaded to Youtube by cosmetic firm Seoul Secret on Wednesday, EFE news reported.


5-year old girl donates her organs to 6 needy people 

Coimbatore: Six vital organs were harvested from a five-year-old girl from Karur and transplanted into needy patients, hospital authorities said.


69 Percent of Delhi citizen believe odd-even rule cannot be implemented effectively

New Delhi: LocalCircles (, India’s leading citizen engagement platform today announced results of the survey and citizen discussion focused on reducing Delhi’s pollution and the implementation of the odd-even rule.
With over 9,000-10,000 citizens responding to each one of the poll questions, it provides a collective pulse of what citizens of Delhi have to say about the Odd-Even rule and what are some of the other things that must be implemented before the Odd-Even rule to reduce pollution in Delhi.


OMG! See how swiftly this python eats parrot

New Delhi: The Snake Catcher 24/7 - Sunshine Coast has shared some fascinating pictures of a python snake eating a king parrot in one bite.

Stuart McKenzie, also known as ‘The Snake Catcher’, has shared these pictures.


Some of the most disturbing REAL pictures of all time

New Delhi: Today Sanchar Express brings to you some of the most horrifying images of all times.

Julia Popova In Russia

The 22 year-old was walking home from work when she was stabbed in the back of her neck by a mugger. Traumatized she didn’t realize she’d been stabbed nor that the knife was embedded a “fraction of an inch from her spinal cord.


Sunny Leone talks about importance of safe sex this World Aids Day

Mumbai:  Bollywood actress Sunny Leone have always been a point of discussion in India, be it her entry to Bigg Boss, her debut in film industry, her condom ad or her rape remark.


No one else can get the kind of attention Sunny Leone has got, thanks to her image of former porn star.