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Exodus and largest 'Airlift' in recorded history: Fact and Fiction

As a young Director in UN Division of India's Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in 1990, when the world was not networked as it is today, I have vivid recollections of following Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait along with my colleagues in our office on a short-wave radio which carried the BBC hourly bulletins.

At lunch time, colleagues from the then WANA and Gulf Division would update us on the meticulous arrangements and organisation the MEA had mounted under the leadership of the then External Affairs Minister I.K. Gujral, who later became Prime Minister, to evacuate over 100,000 Indians stranded in Kuwait.


Is Facebook adding computer art to make your photos incredible?

New York: Social networking giant Facebook and its photo and video-sharing app Instagram are reportedly set to quietly make your photos incredible by adding computer art to them.


Think before you 'like' a photo!

New Delhi: Have your comments on social media brought unwanted trouble to your steady relationship? Don't be surprised, as this happens frequently!


Start writing your phone's obituary now

Why do we call them "wives" when they remember everything we said since 1987? Don't you think "home historians" would make more sense?


Chinese company gives sex doll as bonus to staff

Beijing: Chinese company, Lianlian, has gifted its single male employees sex dolls instead of cash as bonus.


NASA radar maps new view of World Heritage Site

Washington: In just two 10-minute overflights, an airborne NASA radar has pinpointed areas of disturbance in Peru's Nasca lines World Heritage Site.