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5 Crazy Facts About Semen

If you’re getting it on with a guy, you’re dealing with semen. Why not get to know it better?

1. Mood

There are a ton of mood-enhancing chemicals in semen and the vagina can absorb them. Cortisol increases affection. Estrone and Oxytocin elevate mood. Prolactin and Thyrotropin-releasing hormones are natural antidepressants. Melatonin helps regulate sleep. And Serotonin makes you feel happy. But please don’t try to fight depression with it. It doesn’t quite work like that.


5 Money Lessons from Mistakes Moms Make

I learned a lot of valuable lessons from my mother (always do your homework, live within your means, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches make everything better are among my favorites), but some of the most enduring skills I picked up from her actually came from her mistakes. My mom was an expert home manager and a loving parent, but she wasn’t perfect. She made missteps and unpopular decisions, some of which were clear to me even as a child. Others weren’t clear to me until I saw them through the lens of my own motherhood.


9 Things you never knew about your sexual health

In light of a new guide launched by the National Coalition for Sexual Health last week, I called up Dr. E.W. Emanuel, OB/GYN, to find out what all women NEED to know about their sexual health.

1. Most sexual health care services, including contraceptives, are now free thanks to the Affordable Care Act. “Most sexual and reproductive healthcare is consumed by women, which puts them at more of a financial burden than men," says Emanuel, "but that has largely been eliminated." Check with your doctor or your local clinic to see how much this covers for you, but Emanuel assures me that just about everything is free or much cheaper, depending on your income and insurance situation.