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Court issues summons to Lord Hanuman in Bihar

Patna: A lower court on Wednesday issued summons to Lord Hanuman for appearance in court in connection with a roadside temple dedicated to him in Rohtas district, a government lawyer said.

The Sub-Divisional Magistrate in Rohtas asked the monkey god to appear in his court after hearing a complaint of encroachment filed by the Public Works Department.


Karnataka Muslim girl wins Ramayan exam

New Delhi: At a time when everyone in the country is discussing tolerant or intolerant, here comes an example illuminating the real manner in which the religions should be perceived.

Class 9 Muslim student from Karnataka, Fathimath Rohila, has won the Ramayana exam conducted by Bharatha Sanskriti Prathisthan.


Indian girls who survived being raped

The gang rape and murder of a student in 2012 in Delhi led to protests and new anti-rape laws in the country. 

However, brutal sexual attacks against women and children continue to be reported. 

More than 35,000 rapes were recorded in India in 2014.


Keep yourself virgin to get scholarship in South Africa!

New Delhi: Keep your virginity and get awarded. This is the new scheme, under which a South African mayor has awarded scholarships to 16 young females for remaining virgin till completing their studies.

The scholarship has been introduced this year to encourage others to be "pure and focus on school" and has been awarded to young women from the Uthukela district in the eastern KwaZulu-Natal province, reports


In Pics: India's first under water restaurant - The Real Poseidon

Ahmedabad: India has got its first underwater restaurant. The restaurant, The Real Poseidon, has a dining area which has been created 20 feet below the ground level.

The 32-seater restaurant in in Ahmedabad is covered with a huge aquarium which has 1,60,000 litres of water. The aquarium is also filled with around 4,000 different species of fishes in it.


Whom to punish if Lord Ram exiled Sita to forest?

Patna: As a Bihar court on Monday began hearing of a case against Lord Rama for exiling his wife Sita to forest as Ramayana narrates, it asked the petitioner who should be punished for an incident of such ancient times, a government lawyer said.