Sitamarhi is the birth place of Sita, says Dr. Birbal Jha

New Delhi: Noted author and  chairman of Mithilalok Foundation Dr Birbal Jha  has strongly condemned Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma’s view that Sita's birthplace is "a matter of faith" and that there is no historical or archeological evidence proving that she was born in Bihar's Sitamarhi.

“I am badly shaken by Hon’ble Minister’s statement on Sita’s birth place. Disputing the birth place of Sita, daughter of Janak and wife of Ram, is disputing The Ramayan – one of the greatest epics in the world and the fountainhead of the Hindus at large,” said Dr Jha. Needless to say, devotees of Sita, the presiding deity and role model for the Hindus are deeply shocked at Mahesh Sharma’s statement in the Upper House.

As is mentioned in the epic, Sita was found in the farmland in what is now a modern district of Sitamarhi while King Janak was ploughing the land. Situated 5 km west of Sitamarhi town and a popular visitor's attraction, there is Sita-Kund. A large number of devotees thronged at Sita’s birth place in Sitamarhi to pay their obeisance.

Creating doubt and putting question mark on Sita’s birth place has severely touched the religious sentiments of not only Maithils but the entire Hindu community. Further, it also raises questions: Has the Hon’ble Minister slighted Sita because she is a woman? Is it because of patriarchy and male chauvinism?

The party Mahesh Sharma represents is at the helm of affairs now is thanks to its commitment to preserving the Hindus culture and religion and disputing Sita’s birth place has naturally generated the most angst.

“Rather than creating any confusion on the birth place of Sita, Ministry of Culture should set up a grand temple of Sita in Sitamarhi to honour the Hindu sentiment, Dr Jha demanded. The Foundation, which is committed to socio-cultural and economic development in the Mithila belt, has ambitious plan for a larger cause that will contribute immensely to nation’s composite culture.

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