Secrets every woman should keep from her man

No matter how sincere a woman can appear, there are always secrets. A woman always hides, subconsciously...

Even the smartest women are not fully sure when to be open and when to keep their mouth shut.

Here are the secrets that a woman keep from her man.

We miss our exes: Yes, we sometimes miss our ex boyfriends so much. Girls do not need any explanations. If you still suffer from that hard breakup and want to share your feelings, your guy should be the last person on Earth to know about it. No matter how close you guys are, just don’t do that. A bottle of wine with your female friend will make it a much better cure.

We stalk our exes!: OK, stalking sounds crazier than what we really do. It is literally impossible not to check in on guys we were with a long time ago. It doesn’t mean we still love them. It’s a curiosity that shouldn’t be taken seriously. As well as stalking our boyfriends’ exes, just because.

We hate sports so much: We hate to watch it, we hate to even try to understand the rules of particular kinds of sporting activities. Going to the game is a real torture. But we still go, let’s just call it a sacrifice.

When we fall in love with the guy, we stop eating: It is scientifically proven that falling in love is a stressful event, and losing appetite is a completely normal thing here. And we don’t need to let him know. Don’t turn it into misery.

How many partners we had before: Every girls wants her relationship to be sincere. But when the guy asks how many men she slept with, she would more likely split in half the real number. It is not about lying, but experiencing sexual amnesia, which happens almost unintentionally. We shouldn’t actually confess if we don’t want to. Being sexually active is a part of our adulthood, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

We suffer from daily relationship ups and downs: One day we love him so much and other we’re over his crap. But the next day we feel anxious and want to pretend nothing happened. Kiss and make-up is what we have the very next day. But then we get angry and the story repeats again and again. Women are emotional creatures, but do we have to let him know about all of this? He may think we are crazy!

Our best friends know everything about our man: Even if we don’t want to share literally everything, it just happens. She is aware of your every fight, the size of his bank account, and what an idiot one of his friends is. We share more that we usually plan and do this at our own risk. But we’re sure the secrets are safe with her.

We cry more often than he thinks we do: He makes us cry about many things and he will never know the real count. Sometimes, even we don’t know exactly why we’re crying at the moment! But it’s okay, we don’t have to be strong the entire time.

Our opinion on his friends/family: Think twice before letting your man know about your personal conflicts with the person he loves. It will definitely make him feel bad, guilty and think he is in the middle of something he can’t solve. Being in relationship means you meet the people in his life, but it doesn’t mean you have to contact them all the time. In case of misunderstandings, try to stay polite and neutral, respecting your man, instead of complaining.

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