NBCC harassing contractors, several irregularities in allotting projects come to the fore

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New Delhi: National Buildings Construction Corporation (NBCC), a Navratna organisation, has been accused unnecessarily harassing contractors and holding their payments.

One of the cases is related to contract signed between NBCC and M/S Shambhavi Contractors Pvt. Ltd where the former not only failed to fulfill its contractual obligations under the contract dates 20.12.2007 but also deliberately withheld payments of latter causing huge loss to the contractor.

The contractor even alleged that the NBCC took over the worksite and seized material lying at the site, tools, machinery, etc. Following which the contract order was illegally terminated.

It also illegally sold materials of the contractor lying at the site much before finalizing the extra expenditure to complete the balance work and handed over the camp office, store, and machinery to M/S Trilok & Associate.

Even more, the NBCC purposely changed the terms & conditions of original contract in an illegal manner in order to provide undue advantages to other agencies in subsequent tendering.

Despite this, the NBCC refused to release the balance amount of over Rs 9 lakh. Interestingly, it has failed to get the work done at the site even after 24 months of giving the project to another contractor. Apart from this, various irregularities by NBCC have been reported which is causing huge loss to exchequer.

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