In Pics: Actress Komal Jha backless photoshoot

Mumbai: Komal Jha is the queen of Tamil and Telugu movies. She was a civil engineer by education but turned to a professional actress with the passage of periodic time.

She is presently pre-dominating her one of work with her efficiency and excellent performance. But, inspite of being a famous personality she likes to be in controversy because of her sharp forward nature.

She was born on March 15, 1986 in Ranchi to a Brahmin family. Her father, Dr SN Jha, was a well known author and medical practitioner.

During her college days, she got her first break in the moive '3Iditos' and then she moved on with her studies and joined a firm in Dubai.

After 1 year, she resigned and came back to India try her luck in entertainment industry.

She first conuered her position first in Malayalam movies and then to Kannada movies that was further followed by Tollywood.

Komal's performance was appreciated in every zone as she invited millions of praise for her acting work.

Sanchar Express brings to the 28-year-old's pics direct from her latest photoshoot where she was spotted her back ample:

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