Director technical of HPL indulging in corrupt practices

New Delhi: Ignoring Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s zero tolerance against corruption; one of the directors of a Public Sector Unit (PSU) - Hindustan Prefab Limited (HPL) is allegedly indulging in corrupt practices.

Sanjiv Kumar Gupta, the director of Hindustan Prefab Limited (HPL), a government of India enterprise under the Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, is allegedly manipulating and affecting the whole process of tendering.

According to sources, some of the committee members have also claimed that Sanjiv is ignoring set guidelines and not consulting other members before allotting tenders.

A tender issued for Punjab National Bank (PNB) building was tempered by him in mid October-November of 2015. Not only this, he also interfered in several other tenders.

For instance, in one of the tender, a contractor had given rebate of 4 percent but he changed it to 0.4 percent.

A tender of Ludhiana NDRF was reportedly cancelled after Builders Association of India complaint about it but he managed to manipulate it again.

There’s another incident of irregularities in allocation of Ghaziabad NDRF tender. According to sources, he didn’t take any action against the contractor despite that fact that he presented fake balance seat.

Special Correspondent/Sanchar Times Media Group