10 sex fantasies that a girl secretly dreams but never say

Women are the most mysterious beings on earth and one must know what really turns her woman on.

Just when you think you know her too well, you will be surprised by how secretive she can be with regard to sexual desires and how less you actually know.

The secret fantasies that she will never say:



1. Strip tease

Any woman, would love to turn on her man with her sexy groovy moves, especially in private. It make take some prodding but women mostly enjoy this.

2. Role playing

Sex in a routine can get a bit repetitve. To make things more exciting and interesting what could be better than role playing. Who knows what she might have in mind.

3. Sex with a stranger

However, dangerous it may sound but a tall, handsome, mysterious stranger is always exciting. And, after all, you were a stranger to her once, right?

4. Being dominated by a man in bed

The Metrosexual revolution has produced a whole generation of couples who may have flipped roles. Try going back to the way nature intended. At least for a night.

5. A little rough is sexy

A common old movie cliche shows a woman who can’t resist the charms of a man she’s repelled by, usually fading to black just as she gives in to a forcible kiss. Like a lot of myths, it’s based in truth.

Most women don’t mind being treated a little rough. Just know where the boundaries are.

6. Dominating a man

Every woman knows what it’s like to be considered weak. Let her indulge in a fantasy where you have to do whatever she says.

7. Voyeurism

There’s something thrilling about watching other couples have sex without them knowing. And it’s not just for guys. Of course, it’s hard to set up such a scenario, but if it happens on its own, just go with the flow and let your lady indulge.

8. A threesome with 2 men

Well, this could be a tricky path to tread as all women are not quite the same. But, if you are into it, it could open a whole new relationship for you and your lady. And, you might even double your wardrobe in one shot!

9. Outdoor sex

Having sex somewhere other than the comfort of your own home is a really big turn on. Many women feel the need to be safe when it comes to sex locations and only fantasize about what it would be like to make love with the risk of getting caught.

10. Heroes or being rescued

Women have a natural tendency to be drawn towards men who rescue them from a ‘bad’ situation, just like one of the fairytales. 

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the thing that turns women on the most is being saved. Think about it, it is a huge turn on if a guy saves your life, and the only way you can thank him is by giving him your body.

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