'Dead' woman wakes up during funeral, breaks fast & dies again

Bhopal: A 95-year-old woman in Kumhar Mohalla in Madhya Pradesh’s Sheopur was declared dead after her family members found her lying lifeless on her bed.

The family of the woman, identified as Hirabai Prajapati, was mourning her loss only to discover that she was alive.

Shockingly the woman woke up and sat on her funeral pyre moments before her family was about to light it. 

The family members erupted in joy on noticing this. They took her home after which she sat and broke fast with her grandchildren.

But suddenly, the family members’ joy turned into sadness when the woman complained of uneasiness and passed away.

According to family, she had not eaten anything for the last 15 days due to which she had become weak.

Sanchar Express News Desk