In Pics: India's first under water restaurant - The Real Poseidon

Ahmedabad: India has got its first underwater restaurant. The restaurant, The Real Poseidon, has a dining area which has been created 20 feet below the ground level.

The 32-seater restaurant in in Ahmedabad is covered with a huge aquarium which has 1,60,000 litres of water. The aquarium is also filled with around 4,000 different species of fishes in it.

Run by city-based businessman, Bharat Bhatt, the restaurant serves only vegetarian meals.

Located in the South Bopal area of the city, the restaurant, on its opening day on February 1, had garnered 150 bookings through radio, online and print promotions.

Visitors need take the stairs down to a tunnel-based dining hall where they can dine while enjoying the view.

Raghwendra Pandey