Aman Bathla - World's fastest pianist

New Delhi: Pianist Aman Bathla created history on the golden pages of piano playing in India.

On December 4, 2014 he played 804 notes in one minute at one of his concerts in Gurgaon, India. He was then honored with the title of the fastest pianist of India by India Book of Records. Not stopping here, Aman Bathla broke the world record mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records where the fastest pianist has played 765 notes in a minute.

Hence he was honored with the certification from Assist World Records, World Records India and Record Setter for the same. 

“Follow your matter where you are and what you do. Travelling through the beautiful journey of life, my belief in my dream keeps me going. My love for piano gives me strength. I learn something new every day when I play. I rejoice in celebrating each moment spent with piano." 
Journey of Life

Aman was raised in a liberal business family in Guragon. He has taken education from reputed schools in Gurgaon and Dehradun. His professional excellence comprises of a degree in sound engineering from Mumbai and Bhushan degree in Indian classical. Later he went to add to his credit degree in western music from the prestigious Trinity College, London.

Aman decided to take plunge with his dream and not continue with his 63 years old established family business. Limited support from family and unreasonable struggles of music industry did not deter him and one fine day he decided to devote his life to his love for Piano. Aman is divinely blessed with understanding of music and different instruments. He plays soulful music that has a magical effect of healing broken hearts, bringing peace to listeners, treating people from stress and anger and contributing in healthy recovery from any disease.   

As a child he was skillful in playing instruments like Flute, Drums, Guitar, Mouthorgan and many others. The unusually adventurous and an extrovert school going boy, Aman use to play his tunes on small keyboard. He never dreamt of being a World Record holder as fastest pianist.
Contrary to his vivacious childhood memories; piano and unending charm for music has transformed Aman Bathla into a spiritual soul travelling deep in the mind and hearts of people thus mesmerizing millions as he strikes the notes of piano. 
Career and Awards

Aman Bathla was born on February 19, 1980 in an elite business family from Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Aman receives his strength and  inspiration from the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. Aman has a command over  Indian semi classical, fusion, techno music with semi classical on grand piano and music from Indian cinema (Bollywood Retro). He can play 26 musical instruments at ease.
Aman Bathla is a notable concert pianist and healer globally. He spends long hours rehearsing every day. Aman idolizes the most coveted Santoor player, Pt. Shiv Prasad and adulates A.R.Rahman (The Bollywood Musical Storm). 

Aman is an accomplished teacher too. His 'Aman Bathla's Passionnotes The Piano School' houses children from different age groups. One of his students has recently been conferred by India Book of Records as youngest pianist of India. 

The music healer in Aman strikes heartwarming notations on piano thus healing those distressed and unhealthy. His music therapy does wonders on healing pregnant women, people suffering from mental disorders, insomnia. depression and severe anger or stress.  

Aman Bathla has to his credit the following recognitions - 

•India Book of Records

•Assist World Records

•World Records India

•Record Setter (USA)

•Golden Book of World Records

•Unique World Record

•Incredible Book of Records

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