Know how to make your girl happy

A girl is the most beautiful gift of God to this world.

She is a symbol of a new life as she brings prosperity and happiness with her wherever she goes because of her caring and loving nature.

They are today considered as the backbone of a family andaso of a society.

Sanchar Express brings to you four points on ‘how to make your girl happy’:

1. She is an Adult:

They are Queen. Treat them as an adult as they are no more toddlers or collegiate.

2. Don’t be a rude-book:

Your behavior and response to an unwanted act done by your girl in a calm and composed way leaves a positive impact on her.

3. Being friendly is never outdated:

Merely being friendly with your girl is not enough. Keep a positive impression on your daughter’s friends too is essential.

4. Keep yourself available:

You should be present for her 24x7-365days.

Manasvi Sharma/ Sanchar Express News Desk