Disgusting: Mother caught eating scalp of two-year-old kid 

Gopalpur: In a shocking incident, a mother beaten by a mob after she was caught eating scalp of her two-year-old daughter Bharti in Gopalpur village of Purulia district in West Bengal. 

The toddler was rescued by her uncle who reachedatthe spot after he heard screams of the kid.

When he reached, he was horrified to see that her sister-in-law Pramila, 40, cutting the toddler's head and eating her flesh.

The man snatched away the girl and ran to the nearest hospital to get her immediate medical attention. 

The news spread like wildfire and soon large number of people gathered outside the woman’s house to beat her up. However, the police had reached by that time and controlled the angry mob.

Bharati is being treated in Malda Medical College and Hospital and is expected to be shifted to a better equipped hospital in Kolkata. 

Shalini Singh/Sanchar Express News Desk