Five famous female celebrity sex addicts

Many famous celebrities suffer from sex addiction but it’s not sure whether it’s a real condition or just an excuse to sleep with different people. 

There are many who claim that it is a real compulsion, indeed some of them sought therapy to help them quit!

As everybody seems to be interested about gossips involving celebs, especially females and that to about their mumbo-jumbo between the sheets, we have brought a list of seven of them who are considered as sex addicts.

Check out the list:

Angelina Jolie

Neither you can forget about her lesbian ex-lover Jenny Shimizu nor can you forget about her claim that Jolie had a collection of knives she loved to use in the bedroom.

Moreover, she has quite a sexual history before Brad Pitt, including being a sex addict along with ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton.

Britney Spears

The pop singer always remains in limelight and her sex addiction is one of the things that kept the spotlight shining brighter than bright.

Lindsay Lohan

She admitted once in a interview she does not like to sleep alone. 

Paris Hilton

The American heiress is known for her frivolous lifestyle and insatiable sex appetite and her pornographic video ‘One Night in Paris’ made her who she is today.

Nicole Narain

She had her fair share of fame in the media before landing up on Dr. Drew’s Sex Rehab show and she also slept with Collin Farrell!

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