Indian Medical Association releases some shocking facts related to ‘child sexual abuse’

New Delhi: The age of a Child for the purpose of Child Sexual Abuse is  upto 18 years .  42 percent of the Indian population being children in India faces Child Sexual Abuse during their childhood and 21.9% face severe Child Sexual Abuse (penetrative) during childhood.

Padma Shri Awardee Dr. A.Marthanda Pillai - National President and Padma Shri Awardee Dr K K Aggarwal - Hony. Secretary General, Indian Medical Association (IMA) recently releases some shocking facts related to it.

The following facts were released:

Upto to 90%  of the children who are  sexually assaulted are assaulted by someone known to the child.

Any abuser on an average abuses 21 children.  Therefore abuser needs to be rehabilitated or punished.  For example, if a school teacher abuses school children, there is no point of transferring him to another school as he will get a group of another children to abuse.

Always suspect Child Sexual Abuse in a situation with non accidental fracture or non accidental burns.

One of the reasons for rising Child Sexual Abuse is adultificaiton of kids.

In India, the new trend is youngsters indulging into Child Sexual Abuse.

POSCO Act does not allow identification of child victim to be released in the media.

Child Sexual Abuse is a medical emergency.

It is mandated that doctors  whether from Govt. or Pvt. Sector to examine the victim without delay

The treatment has be to provided free of cost.

Police or court permission for examination is not required.

Every victim of Child Sexual Abuse  needs first aid for, HIV, sexually transmitted illness  and emergency contraception etc.

Doctors can be punished for imprisonment for upto 1 year or fine or both, if they refused to examine or provide first aid to the victims of Child Sexual Abuse

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