Auto-rickshaw problems in cities: Allow free license to induce competition

New Delhi: It has become a common practice in cities like Delhi that auto-rickshaws decline to move according to fare-meters and to required destinations despite fares having been increased as per their demands. 

Only remedy is to issue unrestricted licenses for auto-rickshaws so that these may be in so plenty on city-roads that auto-rickshaw drivers may not find it easy to decline moving according to fare-meters, or to go to desired destinations of the passengers.

With public-transport including metro-rail and buses already over-crowded, auto-rickshaws if made available in plenty without any restriction on their numbers can only be a feasible solution to reduce number of cars on city-roads.

Over-crowded roads and parking-sites and heavily increased parking charges will practically make car-owners to use auto-rickshaws if available in plenty. Rounding-off of auto-fares in multiples of rupees five by proper setting of fare-meters is also necessary to overcome problem of coins of small denominations.

In case there are court-stays on increasing auto-rickshaws in the city, concerned governments should move to courts for vacating the stay.


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