Doordarshan and private news-channels

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There are some events of national importance being telecast live by Doordarshan but private news-channels ignoring these even as a news-item in their news-bulletins like President of India giving Padma awards. 

Union Ministry of Information & Broadcast should set up a committee representing Union government, Main opposition party, media-representative from electronic channels to decide on some important national events to be telecast live by Doordarshan, Lok Sabha TV, Rajya Sabha TV and all private news-channels to keep people of this nation joined with events of national importance rather than only of political issues.

It may be recalled that people watching only private news-channels missed special cultural-programme with renowned Indian artists of world-fame organised in the Parliament House in august presence of top dignitaries headed by President of India to commemorate 60th anniversary of country’s independence.


Even Doordarshan did not telecast live a lively music-filled programme held at Rashtrapati Bhawan (New Delhi) on occasion of 152nd birth-anniversary of India’s fist Nobel-laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Rather all such programmes organized at government-cost like also including spectacular Qutab festival for several days with different prominent artists of India and other countries performing on each day of the festival, should be telecast live on Doordarshan. 

Such programmes otherwise also draw large crowds, and most of those attending the festival satisfied themselves by seeing those performing only through big screens installed at the venue, because huge rush could not practically allow viewers to enjoy live performance.

Union government should make it compulsory for every private news-channel to simultaneously relay one main evening bulletin from Doordarshan together with Parliament-News with total half-an-hour duration. Doordarshan should also make Parliament-News lively by including video-clippings from day’s proceedings in Parliament. Several private Hindi news-channels give priority to negative and sensational news like of murders, rapes, misbelieve and like others which they find necessary evil to sell news. 

Even contents of English news-channels from same group are quite different providing coverage to other news-stories also.

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