A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - the LG way!

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New Delhi: Christmas and  New years  have always been associated with coziness, warmth, the smell of freshly baked cakes, the excitement at the prospect of receiving gifts and hope that the coming year will bring in more happiness and joy in our  lives.

This year LG has come out with a variety of products that can be given as gifts to our near and dear ones such as television, microwaves, mobile phones and speakers.


Families can gather together and switch on their LG OLED televisions to watch movies or play video games. The OLED television has Dolby technology, HD quality, Harmon Kardon speakers and Web 3 O.S that allows the viewers to be surrounded by vibrant and distinct sounds as well as picture quality that has immense clarity which is the result of a million pixels.

While lazily sitting by the fire place reading a book or flipping through the channels on the television people can  much on cookies that are fresh out of LG’s all in one micro wave. These are spacious and easy to maintain.

LG’s smart phones can be used to make plans with people as well as capture the festivities. There are a variety of feature phones to choose from such as the LG G5 X Screen and X power. These have sensitive touch screens, long battery life, the latest applications and wide angle and high resolution lens that allow better, clearer pictures to be taken. The festive mood can be added to by making videos with your loved ones on these smartphones that provide for great visual experience and capturing memories for lifetime.

Finally there are LG’S portable speakers, the PH1 speakers, which can be used to blast Christmas carols for a fun sing along! They have LED lights which move in tandem with the beat of the song. Whether at home or at work people will feel energized and upbeat after good karaoke session.

All in all LG’s products this year make for excellent gifting. They contribute to the festivities and ensure that your heavy pockets don become all that lighter! LG’s products usher a level of sophistication and elegance into homes, making them suitable gifts or products that should be invested in during the holiday season!

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